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  4. Sunday, 28 April 2013
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How can I fix these glitches?
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Step 1) find a place to hide so you dont die while doing this

Step 2) press start , when the game vanishes , press the windows key to your bottom left

step 3) click the run button on the menu screen that pops uo

step 4) run type in "cmd"

step 5) in the box that pops up , type in ipconfig/ flushdns

step 6) you should be done , but to make sure that everything is good, close cmd, press the windows key again

step 7) go to the submenu "connect to"

step 7a) click "all connections" a window of all your connections will open.

step 7b) right click your local area connection and press "repair connection"

step 8) click on your wot client app running on the bottom, and watch as your ping goes to 20-45

Reason for this bug: the wot server is overloaded at times. It has to maintain contact with your machine at all times and sometimes these cause ip conflicts. Clearing your dns will resolve this.
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