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  4. Sunday, 27 April 2014
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Werken to work

Hebben to have

Zijn to be

Weten To know

Gaan To go

Zien To see

Doen To do

Spelen To play

Spellen To spell

Wonen To live

Winnen To win

Spreken To speak

Geven To give

Vragen To ask

Zeggen To say/tell

Nemen To take

Zwemmen To swim

Reizen To travel

Lopen To walk/run

Laten To let/leave (off)

Kopen To buy

Eten To eat

Schrijven To write

Lezen To read/gather

Studeren To study

Betalen To pay (for)

Wegen To weigh

Vinden To think/find
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