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  4. Saturday, 05 July 2014
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A noob is a disgusting, miserable human being that can never win at anything because it cannot understand the concept of teamwork. Noobs can only be taught by being pwned.
Most noobs are obsessed with a videogame or a concept to the point where they believe they are the very best. In return for such a foolish set of beliefs, the noob forgets that he needs to play as a team to defeat the enemy team. Noobs are the reason why people ragequit games. For instance, if there was a guy down to 12% health, and another to 31%, and his ally was about to get pwned, the noob would try to kill the guy at 12%, and his ally would die. Then the noob would spray at the 12% trying to get lucky, at which point the 31%er would help the 12%er pwn the noob, making the noob's team lose for the 1302039309th time.
Other words
n00b noob nOOb nob nOb n0b nQQb (QQ+noob) nQb newb n008 noo8 nO8
Teaching Noobs
Teaching noobs how to be normal is difficult, therefore you must begin a serious regiment of discipline. This usually involves serious pwning and name calling. This might be difficult, but over time the noob might evolve into a newb.
https://theorderoftheironphoenix.com/cthulhuportal/media/com_hwdmediashare/files/4c/a3/85/336d3111a4d06bd9dfe49fc59ebd4af8.pnga noob flees in fear from an 1337 leet elite
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