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  4. Tuesday, 03 February 2015
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If you played the campaign as the imperials and hate walking into random stormcloak encampments all over Skyrim , simply do this trick : [pc only]
1) Find the stormcloak camp
2) Kill the horses from a distance with a bow
3) Charge in and kill all the defenders
4) Kill the wounded soldiers in the tents (they might live to fight another day)
5) Kill the quartermaster [if you have not already]
6) Locate the field commander [he will be unkillable]
7) Open command console using " ` " key
8) Type "help [commander name]"
9) Look for the string "NPC" with a bunch of numbers to the right
10) Type "setessential [npc string] 0"
11) Slaughter the commander
12) Eat his body with the ring of namira and plunder him.
That will be all maul
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