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  4. Sunday, 28 April 2013
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I have white lines vertical, horizontal, one or many, please help!
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There are a few ways to troubleshoot this type of issue.

Let us begin with identifying the problem.

Start by using the PRTSC function on your keyboard, open microsoft paint or any other picture viewer and click "ctrl+p".

If the lines appear in the screenshot, the issue is your graphics card.

If the lines do not appear in the screenshot, the issue is your lcd panel (screen).

To fix a graphics card issue, please refer to your laptop manufacturer, or a tech, unless you think you can do it yourself (some models are easier to wor with than others).

If the problem is the screen, buy a new screen (you can even get a touchscreen), and you can fix it yourself in minutes,

All you have to do is order a screen compatible with your size laptop screen (usually 15.3 or 17.3 british inches).

If you have any more questions, ask them here :)

Note: sometimes cables come loose all on their own, try simply re-synchronizing the cables once you identify them, this might be the easiest solution to either problem.
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