conjuring the beast

by IronCrossCthulhu, 8 years ago
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City Britain is slowly waking up to life. The city banks , people shouting to each other , in addition to pushing myself and there was not a nice mess . For the bank , I saw a few strange how sly fun so that no one heard . I 'm not a greater interest passed and left them behind . " Go, Calidorku " , I rammed a colossal beast to a faster pace. My goal was clear: Britainský cemetery .As I drove along a rocky path , from a distance I could hear the clash of arms . My thoughts went back to his childhood years . It was a place where they actually happened my first adventure . It was at a time when the cemetery began to appear undead while losing the first humans . No one would believe me now that it was once a peaceful place , quiet and almost deserted. It was a place where I conjured up its first " Rel Sanct " and at the same time - I'm not afraid to say - here decided my fate . Namely , that becomes a symbol of good and light - Paladin . I saw the first small groups of combatants. Practiced among themselves and not to be healers who come here to improve their healing abilities , they would have killed each other . I also decided to improve this particular skill , moreover, it was the real reason for my visit Britainského cemetery."Hi Johauno ," a voice broke me from my thoughts. I raised my head . I looked into the eyes of an elderly man in a gray robe . In those eyes I could tell that he wants to communicate something , and it will be something you will not want to hear. Skaflocův cousin is already a kind. "Ho Seladone " I returned his greeting . Something hanging in the air . I did not know why , but even a little bit I did not like it . " I do not know how to say this ... because I know what you feel ... Calidorovi as disciples , of course .. " I was horrified . In a moment I lost my footing. I feared the worst. " What ... what is the Calidorem ?" " Calidor no longer in the golden circle and the Courts of Chaos, Johauno . " Replied sympathetically , and looked at me .At that moment with me swinging the world."Why , why ? , What happened? " My eyes welling with tears. No, I will not cry , do not show him his weakness .... "That's what I do not know , but I had some disagreement with Perth . " I did not understand . Like I did not understand why I announced just Seladon ..."I thought that you should know ," answered my unspoken question . My feelings were very mixed. Anger and sadness for me came the same extent."So you made ​​a mistake , it would be better if I did not know anything ! " , I said in a voice that sounded strange even to my ears . " Go, Calidorku ! Move! Jalam we do ! " , I cried with tears in his eyesI saw Perth , coming out of the headquarters of the Golden Circle. I immediately picked up . " Hey Yeah ," he greeted me . It was only when he saw my red eyes and tears stopped." Is it true? ! Is it true that my teacher Calidor left from the court of Chaos ?" "It's true ... "More was not enough to say. More I did not want to hear . I started freakin Quick-action . From my mouth came a terrible cry of despair and pain .Calidore ... What I do I do without you ? Who will lead me and who will be my role model , you do not? !Who will teach me ? !Who will be my protector ? !Who will believe in me ? ! You were the only one who ever made ​​me really believed !My heart lamented . Tears ran down my face from streams . I was distracted nothing of what was going on around me . My thoughts were so gloomy , perhaps gloomier than the night .Calidore , I have loved .... and I still love you ! Damn , I 'll probably never tell . It never nedovíš because you're gone . Yes. Gone .The words sounded like pounding on an anvil . I wished that this was just a stupid joke , bad dream , and I are finally woke up and everything was the same.No, this is not a dream , this is reality , I suggest, my senses . The more I felt the pain that convulsed my entire being. I was able to single words through the tears that rolled down from my eyes ." Damn, Calidore .... "I collapsed into the thick grass. My whole life was suddenly such a trivial , worthless and useless . I lost a part of themselves ...Calidore , if you knew ...I owe him a lot.He set me on my feet when I crouched closed in on itself . On me to put in their efforts . On ....It never healed wound in my heart.I never in my being so much joy . Never again ." I love you , Calidore .... "My throat clenched bleak and endless crying . From my lips have merged into one sentence . then nothing.Nothing .

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