• Funny
    Funny stuff
    160 media
  • Civilization
    civilization , buildings, stuff created by humans
    90 media
  • Music
    Pretty much anything you could call music!
    65 media
    1 subcategory
    • Instrumental Covers
      A cover (as defined) is jargon for user recreations of already existing songs....
      2 media
  • Automobiles
    Just anything to do with cars, trucks, automobiles.
    3 media
  • Scenery
    Scenery and Nature
    12 media
  • Animals
    Animals And Plants should be added here!
    96 media
    3 subcategories
    • Cats
      This category is all about cats.
      15 media
    • Dogs
      This category is all about dogs.
      1 media
    • Other Animals
      This category is for undefined or "other" animals.
      7 media
  • Movies
    Put full-length movies here.
    5 media
    2 subcategories
    • Comedy
      14 media
    • Horror
      Horror is a film genre seeking to elicit a negative emotional reaction from...
      13 media
  • TV Shows
    This section should be filled with telivision shows.
    16 media
    1 subcategory
    • Anime
      Anime is great! Add episodes here from many,many sources!
      9 media
      2 subcategories
      • Naruto
        This section is for Naruto Only
        12 media
      • Pokemon
        This section is for pokemon only
        0 media
  • News and Info
    Here you will see news and information media.
    4 media
  • Technology
    This is a category for technology!
    7 media
  • Cthulhu Gallery
    This is a gallery specifically created for cthulhu pictures and pictures of...
    39 media

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17 May 2019
Breaking News
Our dear friend and sensation Tarder Sauce AKA "Grumpy Cat" has passed away this morning at the age of 7. This came as a  worsening urinary tract infections caused the Internet sensation to be hospitalized. The owners reported that multiple...
08 February 2019
The benefits to employment from home are numerous and exciting to consider. Regardless of whether you are working for yourself or someone else.Being able to do your job from the comforts of your own home can have a lot of benefits. One of the most im...
03 February 2019
 In a tense game that seemed to go on forever, a stalemate was finally broken in the fourth quarter when the New England Patriots got the first touchdown of the game. That lead would not be overtaken by the Los Angles Rams ever again. To add ins...
19 January 2019
Cthulhu Portal Updates
Cthulhu Coffee   Because sometimes the great old ones want to be remembered even when you are having your morning cup of Joe. Image credits go out to Twitter user TP98. Thank you for this illustrious Cthulhu Coffee beverage. This coffee "ex...
13 January 2019
Breaking News
In the first ever instance of roboticide, a self-driving Tesla found itself to be the culprit of a hit which landed a self-learning robot in a grave. Located in the Paradise Road district of Las Vegas, security images captured a Tesla Model S crushin...

Random News

David Petraeus, war hero, leader of the CIA, and all American bad-ass has decided to resign amid talks of a scandal involving one of his cohorts. Unfortunately, it was due to Patraeus that the wars in...
It is unfortunate ,but, 99% of all pirate attacks go unreported. On a daily basis, 6 attacks will occur somewhere in the world. You of course will never know about it because it does not affect you pe...
Virus So, we all know that the virus is the ultimate enemy, something that cant be killed by antibiotics because it is non-living. Something that can decimate entire populations, something that will k...
Has your son recently been using cuss words in front of you? Are you sick of his fruitcake attitude? Well you should invest in a Unbreakable Spanking Paddle with Holes. It is an impressive two pound p...
NASA , through constant observation of our beloved sun , has captured some breathtaking photos of a solar storm , or flare. A solar flare is a burst of energy , in extreme measures of joules , which i...