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ЯКУ - Капитан Петко Войвода / YAKU - Kapitan Petko Voivoda

Petko Kiryakov Kaloyanov (Bulgarian: Петко Киряков Калоянов), otherwise called Captain Petko Voyvoda (Капитан Петко...
Petko Kiryakov Kaloyanov (Bulgarian: Петко Киряков Калоянов), otherwise called Captain Petko Voyvoda (Капитан Петко Войвода) (6 December 1844– 7 February 1900) was a nineteenth century Bulgarian hajduk pioneer and opportunity warrior who devoted his life to the freedom of Bulgaria (and, especially, the locale of Thrace). Petko was conceived in the Bulgarian town of Dogan Hisar, today Aisymi (Evros territorial unit, Greece). He wedded a Greek woman from Maronia in 1860. At the point when a gathering of Turkish rascals assaulted his significant other, he battled and executed them all, including the pioneer of the bashibuzuks, Mehmed Kesedji Bey. Starting in 1861 Petko started battling against the Ottomans in the encompassing regions of Maroneia, Aisymi, Enos and so forth. He visited Italy in 1866, where he met Giuseppe Garibaldi, who turned into a dear companion. Petko lived in Garibaldi's home for a couple of months. Garibaldi helped Petko arrange the outstanding "Garibaldi Battalion" in the Cretan Revolution of 1866– 1869, comprising of 220 Italians and 67 Bulgarians, who battled the Ottomans on Crete under Petko's order. For his administration, Petko was alloted the military title of Kapetan (Captain). Petko Voyvoda's separation, set up in 1869, partook in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78. His unit freed Maroneia from the Turkish control in December 1877, building up a Christian government there. He battled against the Turks for three months and spared the neighborhood populace from Turkish mistreatment. From that point onward, he participated in the freedom of the Rhodopes together with Kraycho Voyvoda. As a feature of this exertion, he drove the thrashing of the 1878 Muslim rebellion in the Rhodopes sorted out by the British specialist Saint Clair. With his child and new spouse Rada Kravkova from Kazanlak Petko lived in Varna after 1880 and kicked the bucket in that city in 1900. He established the progressive board of trustees called Strandzha there in 1896. His progressive work has been remembered with various landmarks all around Bulgaria, and additionally in his local town in current Greece and on the slope of Gianicolo in Rome, where a landmark of Garibaldi likewise stands. The TV arrangement Captain Petko Voivode composed by Nikolay Haytov and first broadcast in 1981 likewise advanced him as a national saint. There are a few Bulgarian energetic melodies devoted to Petko and his confidants.
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