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Basic Modding In Hearts Of Iron 2
Ok, so cheats can only get you so far correct? If you want to go one step further , you need to manually mod a saved game (or you can use the hoi2 ed...
  1.   Started on Saturday, 15 November 2014
Hearts Of Iron 2 Cheats
This is just a list of general cheats you can use in the armageddon/doomsday patches to "cheat" your way to victory. Resource Cheats [colo...
  1.   Started on Friday, 14 November 2014
How much food is too much food for a cat?
You don't want your poor kitteh to turn fat do you? How many times do you feed your pal a day? shroom...
  1.   Started on Tuesday, 03 September 2013
Poll: Are you sick of people whining?
Here is a chance to voice your opinions! :fire:...
  1.   Started on Monday, 16 June 2014
Important update about ads
Because we have recently implemented a self-serving ad service where anybody can add banner ads to our website for about 0.001$/ month , it might quic...
  1.   Started on Tuesday, 05 August 2014
Some useful links
Hello people, although I wish there were more than just three of you, I will share a few links from this website that might interest anyone, really. N...
  1.   Started on Thursday, 15 November 2012
Who will win the world cup in 2014?
My guess is either Germany or the Netherlands , and in that case the tilt would be towards the Netherlands catchchicken...
  1.   Started on Sunday, 06 July 2014
Noob [hr] About A noob is a disgusting, miserable human being that can never win at anything because it cannot understand the concept of teamwork. ...
  1.   Started on Saturday, 05 July 2014
Trend [hr] Definition [color=#bb0000]Noun[/color]: A direction in which something is developing towards. Usually a trend can be classified as somet...
  1.   Started on Saturday, 05 July 2014
Time traveler party!
There will be a time traveler party sponsored by te cthulhu portal some time within the next year. I will post more information on this as I have an e...
  1.   Started on Wednesday, 15 January 2014
Cthulhu [hr] About Cthulhu pronounced kuh-thoo-loo is a rare breed of giant squid in the family polpae , which include octupi and cuttlefish. [hr]...
  1.   Started on Saturday, 05 July 2014
Naked Naked is an adjective describing people that can pull off "the naked look", something people have lost the ability to do after the st...
  1.   Started on Saturday, 05 July 2014
Gold [hr] About Gold is an element that is constantly being turned to as "formal currency". Gold has never really declined in value over ...
  1.   Started on Saturday, 05 July 2014
Proletariat The proletariat were a group of people that possess no skills, had no will to attend colleges, learn trades or to work as peasant farmers...
  1.   Started on Saturday, 05 July 2014
Main Page
About: The wiki is intended to replace the traditional phoenixwiki , which was basically a wikipedia clone. Instead of taking and mimicking what al...
  1.   Started on Wednesday, 02 July 2014
New profile system
The new profile system released early yesterday brings a more modern , facebook/google plus style interface to the cthulhu portal. This is the first s...
  1.   Started on Tuesday, 01 July 2014
Does jerking off cause you to lose muscle mass?
Yes, science has proven that when jerking off men lose testosterone in significant amounts, resulting in a lesser ability to produce muscle , less ge...
  1.   Started on Wednesday, 04 September 2013
Important: Issue with forum menus
We are currently experiencing some issues with the forum menus. Please be patient while we try to find a solution to get them to work again....
  1.   Started on Saturday, 07 June 2014
Help, Rules and Privacy Policy coming
We are planning to soon add these essential pages somewhere near the bottom for reference (as well as under the "forum" tab above. :catchch...
  1.   Started on Saturday, 07 June 2014
How early should I start planting lemon trees?
Do any of you know what time of the year is the best to create some lemon sprouts ? ...
  1.   Started on Saturday, 10 May 2014
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