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Ahng Noy -Big Ass

By IronCrossCthulhu in Music 1147 views 29th Oct, 2018 Video Duration: 00:04:26
I've had a few people portraying love as being enduring.

Not quite the same as what I've seen, that adoration is bliss.

It may be tedious here and there, it may sting every so often.

In any case, I can grin constantly, I may be disillusioned, yet that is alright.

At any rate, I was once ready to cherish you.

Love without seeking after anything.

I know I'm as yet not right.

I truly don't need anything.

At any rate, I could learn and get it.

Consistently that I have you.

Love is a tremendous bliss.

Furthermore, it truly has so much significance.

The assurance I have for you, I need to keep following up on it.

Simply having you grin at me, I'm cheerful.

On the off chance that tomorrow you'll say approve.

It'll be worth to such an extent.

In spite of the fact that I'll be disillusioned, I'm not disturbed.

It may be tedious in some cases, it may sting once in a while.

Be that as it may, I can grin constantly, I may be frustrated, yet I'm not vexed.

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