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My Life After 44 Years In Prison

Otis Johnson went to imprison at 25 years old. When he got out at 69, he rejoined a world that was obviously not the... Otis Johnson went to imprison at 25 years old. When he got out at 69, he rejoined a world that was obviously not the same as the one he recollected. This is his story. A year ago, we met Otis Johnson at a New York City protect for ex-convicts. Everybody there was endeavoring to recover their feet on the ground. Otis had quite recently escaped jail subsequent to serving a 44-year sentence. The last time he had seen his family was May 1975. When we shared Otis' first story of being reintroduced to the cutting edge world, watchers were astonished by exactly how new everything was to him. iPhones, Times Square, jugs of pre-blended nutty spread and jam ... everything was new or distinctly extraordinary. Intelligent: My life following 44 years in jail. The narrative of Otis Johnson His story obviously reverberated with individuals. In excess of 12 million individuals watched Otis' story on YouTube, and we needed to demonstrate to them what occurred straightaway. We went to Asbury Stop, in New Jersey, with Otis to endeavor to discover them. Reconnecting with family was something he had said he was constantly inspired by doing, yet hadn't got round to yet. All things considered, he was all the while figuring out how to explore the city. He had a little box where he kept old, worn out photographs of relatives, however that was essentially all the data he had on them. "The main location I truly have is Asbury Stop," Otis let us know. So we took the prepare to Asbury Stop not knowing much. Be that as it may, we had Otis' memory. When we touched base at the prepare station and started meandering the roads, little things about his old home gradually returned to him: more distant family individuals, companions, shops. He needed to discover his close relative, Dottie Moore, and some other relatives. He said many would likely think he was dead. When we conversed with Otis about his association with his family, his answers were confounded. He was an individual from the Product of Islam (the paramilitary wing of Country of Islam, the Islamic religious development once broadly driven by Malcom X) in his more youthful days. The Country of Islam's expressed objectives were to enhance the profound, mental, social, and monetary state of African Americans. Otis was an ardent Muslim who said he helped "tidy up the avenues" of street pharmacists. "We wasn't all terrible," he would state. However, Otis said a portion of his relatives didn't purchase that. He didn't know whether they would be irate or glad to see him after so long away. He had an anxious vitality about him as we strolled down Pine Road, thumping on entryways and getting some information about Dottie Moore. This last story on Otis Johnson is one of reconnection and compromise. It is the narrative of a man on a mission to rejoin with leftovers of his past and one, we trust, many can identify with. More

Johnny Chase "One More Day"

Johnny Chase's greatest hit :"one more day". For more info on Johnny Chase , check out his website... Johnny Chase's greatest hit :"one more day". For more info on Johnny Chase , check out his website "" More

How To Graph A Single Phase Or Baseline Graph In Excel (ABA)

This is a video on how to create a single phase graph.

Legends Of The Fall "To The Boys" Piano

this is a wonderful cover of "to the boys" , by Roy Horner.

honey Badger V.S. Lions

A honey badger and his buddies beat and fight off a pride of lions!

Honey Badger V.S. Snake

This is not a cobra, but you can see this honey badger in action wiping out a snake quickly for a tasty snack.

How To Make A Honey Dipper

This man takes us on a journey to create a honey spoon/ honey dipper in 15 minutes.

T 28 Super Heavy Tank

A long time before the intrusion of Normandy, there were men among the Partnered organizers stressing over the... A long time before the intrusion of Normandy, there were men among the Partnered organizers stressing over the intensely guarded fortress lines, for example, the Siegfried Line hindering the way from France to Germany. One of the proposed strategies was to grow greatly vigorously heavily clad vehicles fit for devastating any fortress it goes over and any opposition the German had. England and America both chipped away at this undertaking with a specific end goal to build up these super-overwhelming tanks. -- The American arrangement was a vehicle that would be known as the T28 Substantial Tank and work started on such vehicle in September 1943. The underlying vehicle idea required a casemate outline with a 105mm T5 weapon, which was assessed to be "to a great degree compelling at lessening overwhelming fortresses". The main other combat hardware on the vehicle would be a .50 cal assault rifle for use by the authority. The covering on the plan was 203 mm at first, however in January 1945 the head of Arms stressed over the impact of German APCR ammo, thus the officially noteworthy defensive layer was increased to a bewildering 305mm thick frontal protective layer, at the expansion of weight to 95 tons. The vehicle's electric drive was a continue from the M6 and T23 tank, with the motor the same from the M26 Pershing (which was the same as the M4A3 Sherman). The substantial weight with the underpowered motor enabled the T28 to achieve an astounding 8 miles for each hour speed. To convey this outline, the vehicle had four arrangements of tracks, two on every side, 328mm wide each with a specific end goal to bring down ground weight. For transport, the additional arrangement of tracks on the sides can be expelled to make the vehicle slenderer (4.55m to 3.15m) for simpler transport, however raising ground weight (0.82kg/cm2 to 1.14kg/cm2) and decreasing protection since the separated track sets accompanies 102 mm skirt armor. -- The T28 overwhelming tank proceeded with advancement and in Walk 1944, the U.S. Armed force gave it the name and furthermore put in a request for five pilot models for testing. In Walk 1945, Arms at that point renamed the T28 into the 105 mm Weapon Engine Carriage T95 because of the absence of turret for a "tank" and any customary optional deadly implements. At that point, in June 1946, the vehicle was renamed again to the Super Substantial Tank T28 because of the Unified States development of self-impelled weapons being delicately shielded, with a specific end goal to recognize it as a profoundly unexpected outline in comparison to just a "tank destroyer". Today, the T95 and T28 naming are both used to title this vehicle. More

David Teie - Lolo's Air: Music For Cats

Music for Felines was conceived out of David Teie's logical hypothesis on the principal idea of music appreciation.... Music for Felines was conceived out of David Teie's logical hypothesis on the principal idea of music appreciation. He fights that each specie has an instinctive natural reaction to sounds in view of their mental health and vocalizations. The thought is to utilize the formula that we people use for making music, however as opposed to utilizing fixings that are altogether planned by and for people, species-particular music is made with fixings taken from the voices and improvement of another species. For instance, we have a heartbeat in our music since we heard our mom's heartbeat in the womb for four months previously we were conceived as our brains were creating. Since the feline's cerebrum is just 1/8 the size during childbirth of what it will be at 10 weeks, the feline's heartbeat was absent as the little cats' brains were creating. David utilizes a sound like the suckling for drain instead of the beat in the music he made for felines. With these premises, Teie creates music for felines by fusing cat driven sounds. A free investigation led by specialists at the College of Wisconsin and distributed in Connected Creature Conduct Science confirmed that Music for Felines reverberates decisively with its gathering of people, composing that "felines demonstrated a huge inclination for and enthusiasm for species-proper music." If you like it , buy it. More

LONG LIVE THE KINGS - Short film documentary

Short documentary shot on super 16mm relating the hopes and desires of those who go for a motorcycle road trip.

How to pick up a cat like a pro

Picking up cats can be tricky. this man shows you how to professionally pick up a cat to make it feel comfortable.

The Art of Fighting // Short Documentary

In 1999 Hussain Sadiqi fled the remote mountains of central Afghanistan as the Taliban stepped up their violent... In 1999 Hussain Sadiqi fled the remote mountains of central Afghanistan as the Taliban stepped up their violent persecution of the Hazara people. This was to be the start of Hussain’s epic 20,000km journey to Australia. 10 years later, this self confessed ‘nomad’ is about to give up his new life in his new country to pursue a life long dream - a dream that was born over 20 years ago, when a young Hussain first saw a torn and battered picture of his life long hero, Bruce Lee. *OFFICIAL SELECTIONS* Autumn Human Rights Film Festival, Afghanistan, October 2011 Santa Barbara International Film Festival, US, January 2012 Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, US, Feburary 2012 Byron Bay International Film Festival, Australia, March 2012 West End Film Festival, Australia, March 2012 Dungog Film Festival, Australia, June 2012 Prescott Film Festival, US, August 2012 Inland NSW Film Festival, Australia, September 2012 Canberra Short Film Festival, Australia, September 2012 Atlanta International Documentary Film Festival, US, September 2012 Blue Mountains Film Festival, Australia, October 2012 Cockatoo Island Film Festival, Australia, October 2012 Human Rights Arts and Film Festival, Australia, May 2013 Madrid International Film Festival, Spain, June 2013 Sports Movies & TV - 31st Milano International FICTS Fest, Italy, December 2013 Saguenay International Short Film Festival, Canada, March 2014 Interfilm International Short Film Festival Berlin, Germany, October 2014 *AWARDS* Audience Award – Best Film, 2012 West End Film Festival *NOMINATIONS* Best Film, Best Director, Best Sound Design – Canberra Short Film Festival Best Film – Blue Mountains Film Festival Best Short Documentary – Madrid International Film Festival Best Director/ Short Documentary – Madrid International Film Festival *CREDITS* Director: Gavain Browne Producer: Alex Barnes, Gavain Browne Executive Producer: John Cavallaro Cinematography: Jason Hargreaves ACS / Jared Bazley Editor: Derryn Watts Composer: Ryan Walsh @ SST Workshop Sound Design: Justin Harrison Sound Mix and Design: Regatta Studios Colourist: Tristan La Fontaine Online Editor: Derryn Watts Produced by Silver Screen Pictures and Lume Creative More

Tuvan Throat Singing

The modest republic of Tuva is a mammoth with regards to authority of the human voice. Tuvan throat vocalists can... The modest republic of Tuva is a mammoth with regards to authority of the human voice. Tuvan throat vocalists can create a few, once in a while even four pitches at the same time. The impact has been contrasted with that of a bagpipe. The vocalist begins with a low automaton. At that point, by unpretentious controls of his vocal tract and sharp tuning in, he separates the sound, intensifying at least one hints enough with the goal that they can be heard as extra pitches while the automaton proceeds at a lower volume. Regardless of what the term may propose, throat singing does not strain the vocalist's throat. The antiquated convention of throat singing (xöömei in Tuvan) created among the traveling herders of Focal Asia (outline maps), individuals who lived in yurts, rode ponies, raised yaks, sheep and camels, and had a nearby otherworldly association with nature. Throat singing customarily was done outside, and just as of late was brought into the show corridor. Vocalists utilize their voices to emulate and connect with the hints of the characteristic world — shrieking winged creatures, percolating streams, blowing wind, or the profound snarl of a camel. Throat singing is most generally done by men. Albeit custom and superstition have demoralized ladies from throat singing, as of late this unthinkable is separating, and there are currently incredible female throat artists as well. A one of a kind idea of sound. The Tuvan method for making music depends on valuation for complex sounds with different layers or surfaces. To the Tuvan ear, a flawlessly unadulterated tone isn't as intriguing as a sound which contains murmurs, hums, or additional pitches that coincide with the primary note being sung. Tuvan instruments are composed and played to deliver such multi-finished sounds too. More
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