Sunday, 21 October 2018
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Marine Cave is an exceptional area that just shows up in Pokémon Emerald. Not at all like most areas in Pokémon diversions, Marine Cave may show up in one of four distinct courses in the Hoenn locale.

It sets with Terra Cave. The player needs to race to each buckle when they seem to get a possibility of catching Kyogre in the Marine Cave or Groudon in the Terra Cave.

Be that as it may, there is a glitch that makes Marine Cave significantly more unique.

In the Generation III Pokémon recreations, there's a traversal glitch called the Dive Glitch. On the off chance that the player presses the B catch at the ideal time while entering and submerged give in, the diversion will inquire as to whether they need to reemerge while over the passage.

Utilizing this glitch, it is conceivable to reemerge from the Route 104 access to Marine Cave and show up on a stone tile.

From that point, the player can stroll on the water however can't come back to the land. Likewise, by utilizing the plunge glitch on the Route 129 access to the Marine Cave, the player can get to a zone typically behind rocks.

You can't go too far from the best possible region delineate to undetectable dividers, however you can sneak into this zone and put on a show to phantom Kyogre.
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