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14 November 2012
General Portal News
Let us start by stating that we still did not get any solid users, perhaps we have made it difficult for you to register, perhaps you don't like the way the website looks, perhaps you fear this websit...
05 September 2013
In a very baffling study , companies are getting ready to export dead USA chickens to china, have them processed there, and brought back here(witht he intention of selling them frozen and to fast food...
23 February 2013
Breaking News
Chapo GuzmanThe infamous drug lord "el chapo" guzman , yes the guy that had like one thousand shows on his cocaine trafficking operation is still alive. Although reported dead years ago, he did not d...
25 January 2014
New Stuff
We are very sorry , life has really gotten the best of us. We barely have time to write anymore :( But anyways, we are always looking and plotting to add fresh content! Stick around, we will make a co...
23 February 2014
Sochi Olympic GamesWe were watching the winter Olympics since the ironic beginning (the malfunctioning final ring). Today we are going to take some time to commemorate what we could, unfortunately, no...

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26 November 2018
Petar Stoychev recorded another great success in his career, after having won the first 1000-meter (3300 feet) Antarctic swimming marathon on Sunday morning, near the island of Trinity, in the Bay of Michelon Harbor, the Bulgarian finishes one minute...
26 November 2018
Video Games
Just when you think you've seen it all, another hijacked series is reborn as a surprisingly addicting Chinese game.Pokémon Mega is a standalone game unaffiliated with the Pokémon franchise. The Chinese based company "InstantFuns" has taken a step in ...
26 November 2018
Breaking News
Stepehen Hillenburg passed away early this morning in his Anaheim, California home. Hillenburg was found unresponsive. A few of his associates attempted to resuscitate him, realizing that he was seriously ill; they dialed 911. When paramedics arrived...
25 November 2018
One day your website's social media previews work great, the next they do not—what happened?Social media such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Google Plus use a very basic "scraping" procedure to convert web pages to previews. As o...
25 November 2018
Breaking News
An unfortunate event! Ricky Jay, the famous magician, and actor, was found unconscious this afternoon.Paramedics arrived at Ricky Jay's Los Angeles, California home only to discover him unresponsive. Jay was rushed to a near-by resuscitation unit, bu...