Sunday, 10 November 2013
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Hey friends , sorry that I have been unavailable for over three months. I'm a very busy admin *cough* thats why I love responding to your pms (private messages) three months after you send them haha. Guys , please don't be shy about using the forum instead of private messaging , the community can run itself sometimes--thats why it's a SOCIAL network. All of your suggestions are amazing! Yes, I have too much at the moment to really throw hours into this amazing social network. Yes, we switched to adult ads because they will allow a more "free" environment to our users. We hope this will be temporary because our ultimate goal is to allow people to purchase ad space (making us [i]independent of third party sites[/i]). Yes, holy war is almost ready. Yes, the store is fully functional but empty. Yes, there is some cosmetic work being done to improve the user experience. Yes, we still have problems with "log in with twitter". Yes, Im the only person working on this entire project >.<
:bubbles: zombiefire

Guys , please be patient and use this website. The more you use the Cthulhu Portal, the more it will grow :)
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