Saturday, 05 July 2014
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The proletariat were a group of people that possess no skills, had no will to attend colleges, learn trades or to work as peasant farmers. However, the proletariat wanted equal money to hard working "upper class" citizens of societies, such as monarchs, clergy and entrepreneurs.
Contrary to popular belief, the proletariat were not being "strongarmed" into peasantry, because peasants are at a higher status than the proletariat.
True identity
The proletariat were indeed just uneducated drunks. Those that identified themselves as such usually wanted money in return for nothing. The proletariat believed it was their divine right to have as much money as hard working, motivated, and even educated people.
Example of Marxist Proletariat
The proletariat have an exceptional lust for gold, jewelry, whiskey, and promiscuous sex.
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