Saturday, 05 July 2014
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Gold is an element that is constantly being turned to as "formal currency". Gold has never really declined in value over the ages. Gold is also the opposite of silver, much like [fire] is the opposite of ice , both are a type of rock.
How is gold produced?
Well, gold is produced when god, or Cthulhu, or whatever else on earth has the power to extract it from the not so important element lead. Humans are then left with the task of extracting the gold ore from the earth. They often do this using magical spells and digging machines.
This stuff is the sh#%
Gold Use
Gold can be used to sit on, to touch, to eat, to cure meningitis, to make yourself look like a rapper, to pose as a king, or even to beat someone unconscious. Gold can also be snorted as a powder or snorted strait through the use of a dollar bill.
Gold Poisoning
You can indeed contract gold poisoning at strip clubs, this is also called "AIDS".
What you can make with gold
1) Make doubloons 2) Make fake teeth 3) Make a millennium puzzle 4) Make jewlery
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