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Cthulhu pronounced kuh-thoo-loo is a rare breed of giant squid in the family polpae , which include octupi and cuttlefish.
The Cthulhu is hard to miss. It would be kind of difficult to state that it isn't physically distinct compared to the giant squid or titanic octopus. The Cthulhu has distinct rear mounted appendages, which appear to be wings. Most other sea creatures do not have wings. The Cthulu also has arms, which only it's distant relative, the crab, can possess. Unlike crabs, Cthulhus also have legs. Only fishmen can be physically compared to Cthulhu’s, but these animals [fishmen] don't have wings. The Cthulhu's tentacles are all located around the mouth. This mouth-like structure contains around 7350 teeth for grinding any known life-form like a pencil sharpener grinds a pencil. The Cthulhu Is usually about 1 British mile tall, and 300 yards thick. The eye of Cthulhu alone is the size of an adult elephant.
Cthulhus have been known to inhabit the Pacific Ocean, along the trench lines of the Marianas. It is said that they wait inside the actual trenches, absorbing the heat from volcanic activity to keep warm. Some even say they can eat souls out of hell from the Marianas, but that lays unproven. The Cthulhu species often prefers to eat coral until judgment day will allow it to eat its favorite candy; humans.
A typical Cthulhu, often found in the Pacific Ocean preying on souls

In Culture
The primitives of Papua New Guinea have long sought a Cthulhu as a god. You can even today see the wood carving, totems and sacrificial (cannibal) alters to Cthulhu. There is also a social network for Cthulhu called "the cthulhu portal (duh).
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