Sunday, 30 November 2014
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Although this game has changed a bit since the beta (and you can read my beta review) , I still have to say this game is amazing. The potential to move foreward with epic player on player aerial battles is unrivaled.
However, I do need to say that there is a very steep learning curve before anyone can honestly learn to love the game. People will probably be tempted to use heavy fighters without understanding how vulnerable they are (I continue to do that and I see that every plane is situational).
However, once you get the hang of it , this game can be very enjoyable. The music is absolutely amazing (which makes the fights more epic than some in world of tanks) , the planes are beautifully molded and the game has many features.
My only suggestion is the addition of long ranged bombers (that will be tough to take out and therefore need heavy interceptors circling them) and short ranged bombers (like naval bombers etc). The maps should also be larger.
I understand that this could impede some people with less powerful machines , but it would make the game even more fun to play than it already is.
The controls are difficult (still) which is a good thing because it seems very realistic (unlike warthunder). I'm still a noob at the release version (I made it to tier 8 in the beta) , but anyone that plays it can add me ;).
Sadly there are not that many players active in the game at the moment which really slows down the match maker. shroom
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