Monday, 30 March 2015
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The Cthulhu Portal is a new breed of social network which emphasizes creativity and personal relations. As the site stands on January 25, 2013, there are many useful and fun features for all members (and some for nonmembers) to use! First, there is a general forum for people to discuss topics with each other. These topics are carefully parted into individual, specific (in most cases) categories as to eliminate ambiguity. All newly registered members are encouraged to use the forum when they start! This is mainly to help orientate noobs into the community – soon they may become pros and help noobs themselves-. “Cthulhu Videos” is exclusively for administrative use at this time. This is not because we don’t want you to use it, but rather because we did not write the player and we are still working on integrating it into our site! Please note: this section has been integrated into Phoenixtube (only admins can upload video files at this time). The “News” section will display an archive of news from new to old in chronological order. We don’t add content here frequently, but it is a nice way for us to organize and distribute content and other “important” messages. This is also where we intend to migrate all of our current blog posts from our older blog. “Answers” is loosely based on “Yahoo Answers ©”. Here, you can ask the world questions and receive answers. The major difference between this and the forum is the ability for the author to choose a best answer and lock the topic (both of these features were added to the forum in early 2014). Likewise, the author may remove posts if they deem it necessary (spam etc). The other major difference is how fast you will get the response. Answers tend to be more engaging than a forum and answers come by faster. “User Media” is a recreation of the popular “Phoenixtube”. Here, users can add any type of media (well images and remote videos for now) and share them with the world. The more views you get, the more Cthulhu Points you will get! (if you know what those are ). Classifieds allows all users to add classified ads like “craigslist © “. Here, you can add a wide range of items you have for sale. These can be as simple as spoons and as complex as houses. It’s also nice to browse through other listings to see if there is something you want to buy! Blogs allows all users to have their own private or public blog. If you don’t know what a blog is, it’s basically just an online journal. Do we allow adult content? At the moment we do not, but we might in the future. Do we allow spam and gore? NO! All spammers and gore lovers will have their accounts destroyed. Thank you.
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