Monday, 11 May 2015
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The most major update to ocelot is coming soon. We have remastered the "point system" which will allow all of our users to earn points for activities on this website.
The primary (and also the largest) difference between this and some other websites out there is the incentive payment for pageviews. Unlike some places where you are paid to do surveys or are paid to write an article (once) , here you can be paid per impression--meaning recurring,passive commission. This is basically a strategic move to add very high quality content to this website that will rank well , be enjoyable to external users as well as the community, and spur our output production towards a larger scope.
The first step will be introducing the store (which we have been working on for well over a year) within the next few weeks. At that point in time, a few starter packages will be available for purchase.
However, we hope to integrate with the steam,psn,microsoft and nintendo store api sometime in the future (meaning we don't have to manually add rewards to the store) as well as making orders deliver instantly.
This overall move will allow (basically) anyone to earn goods virtually free using their points from passive income. If anything , it will create a competitive and motivated community which may ,in time, finally realize the purpose of this entire project.
For any additional questions , feel free to ask on our support forum.
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