Monday, 21 April 2014
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Chris Brown, the self proclaimed king of wife-beating has been found guilty of voluntary assault on rock sensation "Frank Ocean". Accordingly, brown had just arrived at some event , where an associate...
Making money online in your spare time. Now , as someone that is not new to the whole making money online thing, I have tried sites like points2shop, cashle and prizerebel and made a few hun...
Do you enjoy killing swarms of innocent birds? How about swarms of vicious , ugly , no good killer birds? Then you might just want to check this game out! Just use your mouse to shoot down paratrooper...
A West Virginia Mountaineer player has been arrested following an idiotic attempt to rob a house. So, this guy takes three of his buddies, they put on ski masks,wore their football outfits (oh so smar...
Today we celebrate the 100th day since our creation! To celebrate our first anniversary, you can use the coupon code "phoenix100" on our advertising section found at "greatermakings" to get 10,000 fre...