Wednesday, 29 July 2015
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a recent inquiry on our adult section (found at /adultproducts) has been made about integrating this and Adult Products together as to add a forum and community to the already thriving adult section. Integration would ,however, have it's unintended downsides such as restricting access to anyone 18 or younger. It would also give us a reason to discontinue our current family-friendly nature of this website and might even be a further cause of tension (which is not what we want).
However , an adult community would allow our users to write erotic posts (which according to some college studies are the highest hit blog posts on the internet) along with other adult content (which would mean much more profit for those that want to take advantage of it-- some videos get 1 million + views per month).

Although this is an uncertain move and not planned in the near future , we are led by our community and willing to incorporate it if it will make us more powerful as a website.
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