Aokigahara Forest -the sea of trees and souls- a revisit

We recently wrote about the mystique surrounding Aokigahara Forest, following a beautiful documentary on the forest in regards to it's infamous side.

We decided to share some more recent knowledge with you about the worlds second largest suicide destination in the world, the golden gate bridge being the first.

We read about a book from 1993 by the now infamous writer Wataru Tsurumui , and his deemed "suicide manual" where he writes about the art of suicide, and the many tactics one should do and not do to die honorably. Ironically, he states the beautiful forest beneath the great Mount Fuji as "the perfect place to die".

Some say you find one dead person hanging from a tree every 10 yards Some say you find one dead person hanging from a tree every 10 yards


From 1993-2012 the number of confirmed suicides stands at 633, this is quite shocking, simply because 90% of the people that hang themselves or die of sleeping pill overdoses etc, are never recovered. In japan, the fact that the said person's car has been at the entrance of the forest for a few hundred days does not mean the person is diseased.

The Japanese government tried to have the suicide manual banned, to no avail.

Some background: 

Traditionally Aokigahara forest was a place of lost souls of the old, sick and dying. During times of famine, and natural disaster, the elderly, sick and very young would be sent to the beautiful forest to die of starvation, this would give most families ample supplies to feed those strong enough to survive the famines.

The forest was created in the year 936, mount Fuji erupted in this once arid and dry region, spewing sulfurous ash around the base, causing the forest to grow. Beautiful and large, it is one of the best preserved forests in all of Japan.

the picturesque place to die A picturesque place to die

We will keep you posted as we further our research.

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