Chaos Erupts at Revere Beach: Two Shootings and a Large Fight Unfold

Revere Shooting Revere Shooting

Revere Beach, a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, was marred by violence as two shootings and a large fight occurred, leaving authori...

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Erdogan Wins Third Term

Erdogan Wins Third Term Erdogan Wins Third Term

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey, recently marked a significant milestone as his rule entered its third decade. Since assuming office as ...

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Elizabeth Holmes Heads to Prison: The Fall of a Once-Admired Entrepreneur

Holmes goes to prison Holmes goes to prison

Elizabeth Holmes, the former CEO of Theranos, once hailed as the young and innovative face of healthcare technology, has been sentenced to prison foll...

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Tragedy Strikes: Car Flips Upside Down and Lands on Its Roof on Storrow Drive in Boston

Car Flips On Storrow Drive Car Flips On Storrow Drive

In a shocking turn of events, a horrifying car accident unfolded on Storrow Drive in Boston, leaving onlookers in disbelief and emergency responders r...

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Epstein tried to blackmail Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates

Bill Gates Blackmailed By Epstein Bill Gates Blackmailed By Epstein

In recently released documents , it has been revealed that billionaire Microsoft mogul Bill Gates had been blackmailed by infamous offender of most he...

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Mohammad Belza Al Iraqiiii Killed

On April 6th, 2023, the world was shaken by news of the brutal murder of Mohammad Belza Al Iraqiiii, an Iraqi national who had been targeted by a seri...

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Grumpy Cat Passes Away

Our dear friend and sensation Tarder Sauce AKA "Grumpy Cat" has passed away this morning at the age of 7. This came as a  worsening urinary ...

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George Bush SR spends christmas in a hospital.

George Bush SR, now 88 spent this Christmas all alone, confined to his bed. Accordingly, he has quite the fever, in some sort of bizarre illness, he is not doing too well.Doctors say that his condition is "tolerable" ,but there is little doubt that he will remain in that hospital for the duration of this year.Bush SR will remain in an intensive care unit until further notice. Hopefully he gets better soon. George Bush SR ill

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Robot Hit And Killed By Self Driving Tesla

Robot Hit And Killed By Tesla Robot Hit And Killed By Tesla

In the first ever instance of roboticide, a self-driving Tesla found itself to be the culprit of a hit which landed a self-learning robot in a grave. ...

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Woman Boiled To Death In Volcano

Woman Boiled In Volcano Woman Boiled In Volcano

Tragic News! A woman fell an estimated 500 feet into raw magma inside of the outer chambers of Mount Nyiragongo in the DRC (Democratic Republic Of Con...

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KRCR Reporter Attacked

KRCR Reporter Attacked KRCR Reporter Attacked

The scene of a massive fentanyl overdose that sent 12 people to the hospital and left 1 dead is once again in the spotlight. According to recent repor...

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12 Hospitalized, One Dead Following Mass-Fentanyl Overdose

Fentanyl Overdose Leaves 12 Hospitalized 1 Dead Fentanyl Overdose Leaves 12 Hospitalized 1 Dead

 A recent report coming in from Chico, California indicated that a massive overdose of individuals using Fentanyl was reported. The report stated...

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George H.W. Bush Dies

George H.W. Bush Dies George H.W. Bush Dies

Americans mourn today as the beloved 41st president of the United States has been pronounced dead on arrival to the local hospital. Correspondents fro...

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Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Video

Accordingly, a full on (home made) porno featuring icon wrestler Hulk Hogan appeared on the internet recently. Accordingly, it was uploaded to a website called "Gawker". Hulk Hogan Porn Furthermore, the tape is confirmed to feature the icon, and it is still live. If you want to view it, if you are that sick, do so before the end of today, at which point it will be gone forever, or so we believe.Hulk remains silent on the matter, but his lawyers are working fast and hard to get rid of the video. So again , this is your chance to view it!We condone acting as a tabloid, but you must be informed! 

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Barbara Bush Dies

Barbara Bush Dies

The end of an era. Barbara Bush passed away after a complicated series of battles with Graves disease, congestive heart failure, and chronic obstructi...

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Kevin Spacey Found

Spacey Spotted Spacey Spotted

​Kevin spacey, absent from the public eye for quite some time, has been spotted in Baltimore. Spacey allegedly went into hiding following numerous acc...

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Eiffel Tower Burns

Eiffel Tower Burns Eiffel Tower Burns

The Eiffel tower burns as France looms towards a dark age over recent hikes on petroleum. Chaos and disorder in what appear to be an almost apocalypti...

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Michael Cohen Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison

Cohen Sentenced Cohen Sentenced

​Shocking News: Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's former attorney has been slapped a sentence of 3 years in prison. Tumultuous noise surrounded ...

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Stephen Hillenburg Dies

Stephen Hillenburg Stephen Hillenburg

Stepehen Hillenburg passed away early this morning in his Anaheim, California home. Hillenburg was found unresponsive. A few of his associates attempt...

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Actor, Magician, Ricky Jay Dies

Ricky Jay Credits :RickyJay.Com Ricky Jay Credits :RickyJay.Com

An unfortunate event! Ricky Jay, the famous magician, and actor, was found unconscious this afternoon. Paramedics arrived at Ricky Jay's Los Angeles, ...

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