10 and 11 year old boys to be charged as criminal adults

In a shocking outcome, and something this is extremely rare, two fifth-grade students will be tried for conspiracy to commit murder as adults. The alleged defendants plotted to murder a girl in their 5th grade classroom that was "annoying".

The boys went all out, plotting the area of overpowering, what would be used to tie her while stabbing her. And finally, a plot to use a handgun to deliver the fatal blow, carefully planned for the forehead.

The extremely well thought out circumstances of this case are a cause for concern, stated the judge trying the case. The boys were noted to be exceptionally "remorseless"  during the hearing.

As odd as it sounds, these boys don't sound too sane, so perhaps they need to be evaluated , just to see what is really the core-cause of this misunderstanding. It is rare to find anyone that is willing to kill at such an early age, and many questions are unanswered , especially the question of "is this a fair ruling?" , should children be sent to prison for conspiracy to commit murder?

It's irrational to condone them so quickly, but detention and evaluation are definitely necessary , a prison term might not be so fitting.

5th graders tried for conspiracy to commit murder 5th graders tried for conspiracy to commit murder
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