A natural way to remove body hair

Recently, we got news of a product that you apply like any ordinary body wash, and it removes up to 80% of hair from any area quite quickly. The results speak for themselves. This product is called StopGrow and what it does is, using an all natural concoction, it goes down to hair follicles and stuns them.

Please note, that you should apply this after shaving, and as long as you apply it, no new hair will grow in the designated areas. If you later choose you want the hair to grow back again, all you have to do is stop using the product.

This is the type of thing people should invest in to save on razers, shaving cream and all that other nonsense.  Not to mention , it is all natural , so it is not carcinogenic!

Just imagine, if you want to be one of those sexy men , and show off your abs or muscular chest, you would never have to shave it again. Not to mention keeping another place on your body cleanly shaved makes your hotdog look much larger :)

As far as women, imagine having to never fear that you have hairy legs sticking out when you wear a pair of shorts, a skirt or a dress. Also, imagine always having hairless armpits, it sounds temping doesn't it?

And hey, if you want to be a bald man forever, you could try this product as a shampoo, although since it  might leak on your eyebrows (lol) , I would suggest using a shower cap to contain the wash withing the boundaries of your scalp!


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How does it work?

StopGrow uses a natural combination of extracts , beautifully molded into a gentle cream or body wash that gets down into the follicle and effectively stunts it's growth.

Unlike most hair removing creams, it is gentle on your skin, wont cause allergic reactions, and is not carcinogenic(does not cause cancer over long periods of exposure) -because it's all natural-!

So, if you want to reduce your body hair, armpit hair or even your scalp hair, you will notice that it will first thin, then it will seize to exist!

You can try out Stop Grow here stopgrow.com 

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