Epstein tried to blackmail Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates

Bill Gates Blackmailed By Epstein Bill Gates Blackmailed By Epstein

In recently released documents , it has been revealed that billionaire Microsoft mogul Bill Gates had been blackmailed by infamous offender of most heinous crimes and crestfallen philanthropist Jeffrey Epstein. Documents now made public indicate that recently divorced Bill gates had an extramarital affair with a Russian mistress. Gates claimed that the information might have been correct , he did not make hush payments to Epstein to keep his mouth shut. Following his recent divorce, many questions have been raised concerning its origins. 

Gates has been silent on the matter of his recent divorce, continuing to state that it was a mutual agreement and that it ended on a good note. As another Bill did before him, Gates must continue to deny the allegations. 

I did not have sexual relations with that woman

Bill Clinton
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