Ex cop wanted after killing cop : injures another

Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33, once a cop for the Los Angeles police department has turned his attention to retribution on his ex colleagues, following termination for reporting "use of excessive force" by a fellow officer.

Dorner took himself up on his promise of retribution before 2:00 am this morning. He allegedly shot two police officers, killing one, and maiming the other.

Dorner Cop Killer Dorner Cop Killer

Dorner then fled the scene, but his letter has left a grizzly fear leaching from the Los Angeles police department, his words "I will have retribution without mercy on anyone that serves the LA PD be they in uniform or not" send shock waves , and cause popular support for a call to arms against this enraged cop killer.

Now we don't know what exactly happened, and corruption does happen , but being violent is not the solution.
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