The Benefits Of Working From Home

Benefits Of Working From Home Benefits Of Working From Home

The benefits to employment from home are numerous and exciting to consider. Regardless of whether you are working for yourself or someone else.Being a...

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Airline Companies Hate Him. See How This Doctor Made $200 Into $800,000

David Dao David Dao

Doctor David Dao is hated by airline companies, continue reading to find out his trick to making thousands of dollars from the airline companies. Keep...

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Massachusetts small business owners could be saving thousands a year.

Just as a general warning to the public, as of October 2011, congress did indeed enact a clause to the law (amendment) which stated that banks would be limited to the percent which a merchant could be charged per credit/debit/cheque swipe. As such, anyone in the Massachusetts area could quite possibly be spending thousands a month with their current processor.You might be asking "WHY?". Well, the clause deemed "the Durbin Amendment" does address the banks, but it completely skips out on processors. Therefore, processors (always a third party working with your current bank) are charging you from 50%-75% more than what they should be charging.Now, what can you do? Well for one, you can google "The Durbin Amendment" and look at the percents the bank is LEGALLY allowed to charge. Now this should be no greater than 1.4% base(before additional fees). Following standard fees, a decent amount per credit card should...

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Are Associates Degrees Worth Anything?

Are Associates Degrees Worth Anything?

You might have recently finished an associates program because it was “the cheapest option”. Now you have been seeking jobs for some time and it finally hits you: your degree is completely worthless!Speaking as someone that decided to do just that , my six months of searching for jobs have yielded only high school level positions with nothing paying more than 30,000 / year (in f$%^ing business for god’s sake). And here we were thinking that maybe that filthy college degree that you finished while working full-time would be worth more than a high school diploma. Well you were wrong! – as was I.The associates is actually completely overlooked by hiring managers that post jobs looking for someone with “a college degree”. The general idea is that associate level courses are easy and anything important is entirely overlooked.As an example, I recently applied for [censored]. I went to an interview totally...

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Selling Beauty Product To Men

Selling Beauty Product To Men

When considering the use of “beauty products” on males, many actions and products are still relatively taboo. For example, it is relatively not considered culturally acceptable for men to wear make-up (however it was acceptable in the 1700s). In these changing times, men are finding more of an opportunity to engage in the use of beauty products (outside of the increasingly expanding homosexual community). When opportunity looms, intelligent entrepreneurs are always there to feast upon these helpless victims. After all, we can often determine trends based on consumers’ buying habits; can we not? Using two separate factors; we can stereotype the type of man that is probably most apt to consume these beauty products. Through these stereotypes, we can create an image of a helpless bait on a reel for these power mongering sharks (product retailers) to feast upon. The first factor we can put into perspective is the demography of...

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How Can You Get Thousands Of Likes On Facebook, Thousands Of Followers On Twitter And Hundreds Of Thousands Of Followers On Digg And Stumbleupon?

How Can You Get Thousands Of Likes On Facebook, Thousands Of Followers On Twitter And Hundreds Of Thousands Of Followers On Digg And Stumbleupon?

If you are reading this, you probably have a genuine interest in increasing your social media posy.  Well quite frankly, there is a way to do it! And guess what? You will be buying every like and follower! Doesn't that sound promising? Well there is a website called . The way it operates is quite simple: there is a point system. Everyone that likes your page or follows you earns one point. You lose one point for every person that follows or like you. You can regain them by either buying them (the easy way) or by liking and following them (the more people you follow on twitter, the better). So in the end, it becomes a huge chain of like and follow exchanges and you end up looking like you have a solid fanbase :D Not to mention the price of your blog or website increases with every hundred...

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Credit card processors hacked cardholders are affected

As of today, you may have noticed that your American express, vista , discover and master-cards did not work. We actually don't have much incite on the issue's roots. The CIA is investigating the problem as you read this. Well as you may know, the root of the issue does not entirely rely on one company. There is actually an intermediary processor in Georgia. This is where your money is processed and sorted accordingly. Without this system, nothing would function properly(transfers of funds would simply freeze). This company is run by processing pipeline and is the backbone of the card economy. As of today, It was shut down because its security functions had been compromised. This led to numerous attacks on people's personal accounts and a blackout was the only thing possible to prevent a total disaster(so it was a security measure in retrospect). But rest assured, the issue will be...

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Six sigma organizational initiative

What the fuck is the Six sigma organizational initiative? The six sigma approach is a type of "company/organizational" approach towards cutting costs through quality. The theory was developed in 1981 by Motorola co , and later adopted by General Electric (popularized circa 1994).The main focus of this perspective on "cutting costs" and "increasing profits" is quality. As oppose to standard "maximum output at fair quality and cutting back on quality to save money" , six sigma focuses on cutting costs of damaged batches , or defects through identifying , analyzing and correcting whatever may be causing the initial defects in quality (be it a service or a tangible product).Six sigma focuses on doing one process in such a way that there is no way in fuck someone can screw it up. For example , if items at a dairy farm are bing turned into another conveyor belt by humans , rather than...

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Obama to waste American money on Africa

Obama wastes tax moneyAlthough this might sound a bit heartbreaking for all of you Obama fans out there, president Obama has decided to give almost 9 BILLION of your tax dollars to African countries in an effort to give them "electricity".These countries include some of the worst infested pirate regions in the world, including Somalia and Nigeria. And instead of dealing with financially challenged Americans , homeless people , people that can't afford an education and people that need government assistance to pay their own bills, Obama is sending huge paychecks of your tax dollars to give Africans some electricity.In the most crippling financial times since the great depression , we have to get a higher tax on gas and cigarettes to pay for some random people's air conditioning. Perhaps this is going to get severely criticized, but seriously, is there a stupider , less believable way to pretend like you...

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Order your groceries off Amazon?

Amazon , the one company that has a reputation for "quality"-- and of course the smiley faces on the packaging boxes , has decided to move to a new niche : on line food distribution.Because amazon already is the largest e-commerce website on the net, it can afford to take risks with it's almost half a trillion per year profit margin. Recently, amazon has announced plans to add "shopping for groceries online" to their list of services.Although companies like stop and shop already have services like peapod, where you can get groceries delivered to your doorstep , amazon is better known and has a larger "global reach".Soon people might no longer need to get out of their house to do their shopping. In the future, your food could be at your doorstep as easily as ordering batteries off Amazon. Amazon package of smiles

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Why have college prices skyrocketed?

Money sucked into wormholeIn 1901 , colleges that now cost upwards to 48,000$ /year only cost 100$ per year. We know that much like the famous 5 cent coke bottles of the time , and 5 penny per gallon gas, the prices were due to lack of inflation of the American bank note. We actually wrote about why American money has fallen in value here "American Money Value Drop".Even though on the global field , the US dollar has dropped in value over 95% (and falling) in the past century , this would logically mean that  University prices should not exceed 1000$/year , right?Well, to our dismay , it appears that the lack of value in association with the U.S dollar has nothing to do with the made-up prices of colleges these days. You see, back in the day all of our colleges were well-funded by large corporations , this included...

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The essentials of contracts (basic United States Law)

In the world of law, things constantly change , new things are added and the outdated are tossed out. But today, I will explain the basics that have been used for almost 300 years in regards to "contracts". contractsDefinitionA contract is a legal(in the eyes of the law) agreement in which two parties consent to exchanging services, materials or intellectual property.Likewise, there is a set of laws , commonly referred to as " contractural laws" that aim to support contracts word for word. The main aim of these, as with many other laws, is to make outcomes of contracts more predictable.How to form a contractForming a contract can be as easy as asking someone to hand you over their godamn bicycle for a penny or two. If the person agrees, then you are forming a contract where you are receiving goods for money. The contract is then complete and both parties...

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Dow remains at an all time high for fourth strait day

Is the economy getting better? Well, if anything international trade and income have skyrocketed this month. We are not sure if someone is hoaxing the world into buying American stocks, like overseas investors maybe?Not to be paranoid, but our country hasn't had 14,393 mark point in all major markets, ever. It sounds a bit fishy, but as long as it may possibly lower gas prices, why would we complain? dow all time high

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Why it is important to release illegal immigrants

After reading a post on fox news in reference to a recent decision to send massive amounts of illegal aliens back to their countries of origin, and seeing the crooked viewpoint of whatever imbecile wrote this article, we just want to make you fully aware that what they have stated is a load of lies.First of all, are you aware that DEA and Immigration officials that create these asylums to process immigrants for months are paid with your tax dollars (165$/day/person+fees)? ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTSSo basically, the longer they hold these poor commoners, that simply want to pick fruit or work in construction to provide for their families, the more money these officials make.And for what? To keep people held prisoner for no reason whatsoever? Because it totally takes 6-12 months to process a guy and send him back to Mexico, right?Well, as we have seen in Fox News' report, many are being...

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Atari files for chapter 11 bankruptcy :(

Atari, for so long the leader of innovative new video games in the United States has finally come to it's final days of life in the United States (not the Japanese branch which was sold over twenty years ago). The French (originally Japanese) based company has been creating innovative products for us since 1975! AtariAtari was indeed the creator of pong, centipede and pacman. Many of us older folks would call it the beginning and "foundation of all video games". But alas, all things must come to a miserable end.Atari has been having a horrible time trying to compete with much of anything since 2000, and Nintendo in 1980 already had a clear advantage in the field of innovation.Atari had changed hands over three times  in the past ten years. They were destined to fail, but rather than merge with the larger companies, they chose to cut their losses, and thus...

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Help! I need a loan fast!

Getting a loan these days can be difficult. If you are a college student, a recent graduate, or having to deal with the daily hassle of needing money for a car, equipment, or maybe even you need something for your own business, you should try QuickerLoanz!QuickerLoanz can tell you if you are approved in three seconds. If you have no credit, bad credit, good credit, you should still be approved. The limitations are endless(it does cap at 1000$). Sometimes taking a loan is much better than taking a lease on a vehicle. The higher your credit score, the lower your interest rate!It's quite easy, just click the image below, fill out your basic information, and you will be given a decision in seconds. This does not mean you are obligated to take the loan, but if you like it, feel free to take it :)

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Contactless smart card

The future of the banking world has always been shifting. Just twenty years ago, people were still adamant about using cheques over credit and debit cards. But as you can now see, this has changed drastically. In fact 78% of all transactions done by merchants in 2011 were done on credit or debit cards (source=international service of revenue census of credit processing).Much like the cheque, the credit and debit card might be the next thing to become just a thing of the past. For over five years now, Contactless smart cards have been used over in Europe, and Asia. Analysts predict the trend will move into the united states and Canada in early 2013.What is a contactless smart card? Well, a contactless smart card is pretty much the 75% the size f your average credit/debit card. Now instead of having to slide it, you simply put it against a contacless smartcard...

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The death of the best car company in existence

Daimler-Benz has announced that 2013 will be the final production year of the Maybach ultra-luxury brand executive car series. Maybach was the name of a car company that actually existed in Germany since 1908, later Maybach would produce diesel engines for Tiger tanks and Uboats, along with various cooperative efforts with Henschel to create super heavy tanks.Unfortunately, even though the brand name "Maybach" was brought back in the early 2000s, it has been confirmed that the brand will be liquidated next year. Why? some sort of bs about how companies like Rolls Royce and Bentley produce cheaper cars, and how most people have never even heard of Maybach.Lets just go back and show you a few beautiful models Maybach has created for billionaires.Maybach 57:The Maybach 57 is perhaps the cheapest model of Maybach ever produced, the 2012 model starts at about 500,000$, and comes loaded with all sorts of luxury features....

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Why the jobless percent means nothing

You might be thinking that the jobless percent tells us how well the country is doing, unfortunately you would be dead wrong.  The jobless percent is a statistic of the amount of people that have been out of a job for about one year's time, and are still actively looking for a job.People that no longer receive income from the jobless bureau are tallied off, this means if you can't find a job one year after being canner, or released, you don't count towards the jobless statistic anymore.In effect, the percent might be an all time low 7.8%, in reality it's more like 15% , solid and unfortunate. Let's not forget that in the eyes of the people, the homeless are no longer tallied either. So, don't even for a second think the economy is getting better. Money 

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Presidential elections 2012: does it matter who really wins?

We are deeply regretful to say, we don't really care who wins this this election , and neither should you! As citizens of the continental United States, this year may be our last, so instead of going to vote on election day, go to church, ask god to forgive you for your sins, December 22nd is fast approaching, repent now while you still can :)But seriously, there is no difference between Obama or Romney for us, they could be one guy for all we know, vote for whomever you think is sexier I guess ;) Please note, we are not covering this election at all because we have reason to believe that none of you give a f*** :) Obama V.S. Romney  

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