Five Weapons You Wont Believe Are Legal

Gun Knife Gun Knife

So, you really think that Obama being crushed in his efforts to control guns was a good thing huh? Well, wait until you see what kind of weapons are actually legal to purchase by anyone in the United States!

Coming in at number 5 is the legendary flamethrower! A weapon used for many years now to mass-kill entrenched soldiers by quite literally "cooking" them out. This weapon of mass murder is readily available to anyone that wants one, and hell, if you don't have a license to have one, its only a 20$ fine! :) Oh , and you totally can use this to hunt elk and protect your home, like that lady that set fire to a snake and burned down her entire house.

Flamethrower Flamethrower

Coming in at number 4 is the legendary "minigun" or "chaingun" , yes we mean those neo-gattling type mechanisms that you can fire like 500 rounds a minute from. These were originally re=phased into use during the Vietnam war, when it became essential to provide "suppressing" firepower against dug-in and outnumbering enemy forces. This weapon was invented with mass-murder on it's mind, and thats what it's best at! You can get one for about 1000$ from a gun dealer, and you can kill all the bambis in every forest in the world, you sick bastard. Also, no matter how much gold you have in your mattress, who will come and try to steal it when you have one of these, right?

Thats right this weapon is legal to buy Thats right this weapon is legal to buy

Coming in at number 3 is a legendary weapon, a blackpoweder cannon! You would think that after 9/11 and everything else in this country, getting your hands on potent explosives would be impossible, right? Well, for about 100$ , you can legally purchase up to 50 pounds of explosive from an accredited explosive dealer (where the f*** do we live, right?). Then for the price of a crappy used car, you can purchase a fully functional cannon! Yes, you, anyone actually! For about 3000$,you can get a weapon designed to kill advancing infantrymen , and you don't even have to register it with the government, or have a license. Well, isn't that just .... indecent?

You guys better hit that elk You guys better hit that elk!

Coming in at number 2 is a legendary weapon , designed to destroy tanks. Thats right, in America you can legally own an rpg or a bazooka. I guess that the point of that is that some fish in the water have thick scales, and the only way to kill them is to hit them with bazookas (yeah must be like 100mm thick steel plates). Worse yet, just like the cannon, these don't have to be registered, and purchases are often encouraged by paranoid survivalists that believe a doomsday tank army will come one day -_-

what has this world come to What has this world come to?

Last, but probably not least, you should know that you can actually purchase a full-on main battle tank! The catch here is that you need a few millions to spare, but then you will have a top-notch main battle tank, capable of shooting a rabbit a 1000 miles with "pin-point precision " , probably also making it into free hamburger meat. Yeah, you definitely need an m1a1 main battle tank to stop a petty thief from stealing your mother's earing. Why is this legal? Because this is America. So you even remember the incident with where the rich guy got a tank, had his two wrestlers fight and killed the survivor, then went on a rampage against police in his tank? Yes, thats how its done around here.

Get them while they are on sale m1a1 abrams Get them while they are on sale m1a1 abrams
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