Halo 4 review

Halo 4, perhaps we should write a detailed review of the game, long, complex, boring? No no, we would rather summarize it for you in one word: AWESOME.

When we first heard that the Halo franchise was moving out of the hands of bungee and onto the tentacles of Microsoft, we expected failure, and perhaps we didn't even anticipate this game as we did halo reach.

But we are glad to announce that as with any other halo game (save that nightmare ODST) , halo 4 brings a boatload of new features, weapons, and modes  so you can pwn the hell out of the enemy noobs until your eyes burn out of your eyesockets.

Live(multiplayer) is pretty much the same, the addition of some major overpowered vehicle things, and removal of power weapons was a harsh blow, but in light of the removal, earning kills and killstreaks allows you to call a weapon drop, usually you can pick what power weapon you want, you have three options.

The problem with this concept is really that your @hole teammates steal your weapons , making all of your hard work futile.

Campaign does not disappoint, although the level of difficulty has gone up again with the assimilation of a new enemy :  The Prometheans.

Prometheans are painful, much like the swarm was in halo 3. They seem to replenish in numbers faster than you can possibly kill them. Knights are about equal in power to covenant chiefs, but when you switch the difficulty to legendary, it's far harder to fight something that can disappear than a chief. Not to mention, if you do not kill the Watchers that assist the Knights, they will spawn back seconds after you kill them. It takes about as long as a regular reload for them to be back, at full power.


A Promethean Knight A Promethean Knight




We wont reveal much more , not only because we have not finished campaign yet, but also to keep you guessing. As far s we see it, this game is a success. Enjoy your very own copy, you can even do express shipping by clicking below:


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