People of America begin to protest Syrian approach

demonstrators against war in Syria demonstrators against war in Syria

Following congress' vow to "maintain order" in the world away , a declaration of non-restricted air bombardment was approved. Regardless of what happened, congress never really took the public opinion into account. Much like the days of the Spanish American war, the Korean war and the war in Vietnam , the people rather than the enemy seem to be a larger "cork" to the fountain of maintaining the war effort.

Just today , a few hundred gathered outside of the White house , calling for a true test of democracy (implying all of America wants no more war, and our government is not acting in our interest).

The results were really quite baffling. The crowd simply marched , sang and chanted against a "war built on a lie". Completely unopposed by police, the crowd clearly made their point heard (and that's why they get some coverage on here).

Although this (much like efforts in the past) will probably fall short of our "democratic government" 's interest , it was a nice display of what the popular opinion is of another "far off" and "pointless" war.
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