Media Sharing Added!

Media Sharing Added!

We are very happy to announce that the initial testing stages of "media sharing" peer-to-peer has been finished. Although there are plenty of bugs that need addressing, we have released the functionality "prematurely".
You will also notice a "media" section on every user's profile. This will fill with your own uploads.
As of now, we have the functionality, but not the ability to allow upload of videos. You may emulate videos from youtube, and various other third parties, but we can only allow the upload of videos in the (.flv) format, otherwise they won't be able to process. Please note that a recent amendment makes video uploading impossible to all users until further notice.
As we are generally trying to work around this, it appears the culprit is, as usual, the lack of funds.
Now for what we plan on doing from here:
• Fixing various known issue bugs. Remember, the integration of "gifs" in blogs or forum is not necessary, just upload them to "media" and click "embed code" for blogs, insert the code as plain html. On the forum, we are working at adding "bbcode" support to mediasharing.
• Independent store may be implemented sometime in the near future, again this is ready, but too many bugs and issues are present to release it.
• Going to rework a possible mobile version of the website, the current one sucks really badly.(fixed 10/10/2013)
• Would you like a search bar again?(Fixed 01/01/2014)

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