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It has come to our attention that yet another year has gone by, and as usual, it is almost time to do our dreaded tax returns. This is difficult for some of us, and it's rather time consuming.

TurboTax TurboTax

Luckily, TurboTax is here to help us! TurboTax makes it easy to simply input your data for the year, click a button, and have everything ready to go in minutes. TurboTax will also do it's best (if it's not the free edition) to help give you all the savings and returns you personally deserve.

So, if you don't quite understand how to file taxes, don't want to waste thousands of minutes looking through paperwork, don't want to go to jail for tax evasion, don't want to hire a tax return firm to do this for you, you can use TurboTax to "do it yourself" fast, easy affordable! What do you possibly have to lose?
Since I'm sort of an idiot when it comes to these things, I personally am using TurboTax. Join me, you won't be sorry! :)

There might be a few hundred other products out there, but none are backed by the federal government for reliability, reputation and reproducibility!  Just imagine how much less painful this would be than going down to H&R block and paying an "expert" to do your taxes for you?

Furthermore, did you even know that if you made less than 2000$ this year (yes dear college students) , you wont even have to file a tax return!

Also, if you can present a valid 501(c) form for any donations, charities or fundraisers you contributed to, that entire amount will be deducted from your taxes entirely! It really does pay off to be charitable! This amount is also not taxable to the organization you gave it to, so you both end up winning! You can call it "under the table money" , but we think it's a neat trick!

TurboTax literally takes the hard part out of doing tax returns!


Try TurboTax today!


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