A new civil war on the verge in Turkey

turkish protester with Molotov cocktail turkish protester with Molotov cocktail

The nation of turkey is a frail imp compared to it's once vast empire. But, unlike most of it's neighbors to the east, Turkey (after it's defeat in world war one)  has practically separated religion and state. This in the general consensus is a very good thing , mainly because it has allowed Turkey to move ahead while it's Persian neighbors have been left in the stone age (no offense).

Unfortunately, the new Turkish leadership has begun a regression to archaic things, such as separation by sex and emphasis of religious holidays over National holidays. The second thing is perfectly fine, it truly is because this is their country and they can make whatever they want more or less important. However segregating sexes in schooling is an archaic practice, sure there are all boy and all girl schools throughout the world, but public school segregation stopped in Europe when women were allowed education. Also, in the united States, following world war one, schools were no longer segregated by sex.

This, of course, is one of he Turkish leadership's first faults. The reason we say that is because it almost sounds like they want to start here and keep going downhill , perhaps if they continue , women there will be wearing Veils and technology will be outlawed (yawn).

Likewise, and in more recent times, the Government has struck a major discord with it's people by deciding to "zone" land that was previously part of a national park , which compared to the rest of the surrounding area, was green.

Government forces saw the need to expand further into these green zones , but the locals began to protest. Following a few days of peaceful protesting, police moved in -- not a good move if you ask us.

protester hit by water in turkey protester hit by water in turkey

The police forces mounted the typical nerve gas and riot-shield offense. Soon, a wave of baton wielding men went through the forest, pushing the protesters back.

What seemed to be just another group of protesters being evicted turned more violent when others on the surrounding streets began rioting as well. A noble cause it appears, the rioters took a dangerous step by throwing Molotov cocktails (basically alcohol or benzine in a glass bottle with some gasoline soaked rag on top , upon impact you get cheap napalm) and gas bombs (again similar bombs , but not incendiary,rather shrapnel is hurtled outwards, causing carnage ). Police responded properly with water and more tear gas.

This seems like a strange riot gone huge through unknown reasons. Although the government has also outlawed alcohol, somehow the protesters have stashes of this stuff stowed away.

We don't have much of an opinion on this matter , but the protests and damage are growing on a daily basis. If anything more interesting occurs such as an actual civil war, we will keep you updated. For now, it's just a bunch of isolated incidents resulting in non-life-threatening injuries.
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