Are we human because of viruses?

Virus Virus

So, we all know that the virus is the ultimate enemy, something that cant be killed by antibiotics because it is non-living. Something that can decimate entire populations, something that will kill you because your only defense against it is your immune system.

But do you understand the true capability of these abnormal creations? Did you know that when you are afflicted with a virus, it attaches to your cells , combines with your current DNA and begins to create hybrid cells , which are usually dangerous. Then your immune white blood cells go out and kill these infected cells , although regurgitation and high temperature [fever] also aids in the extraction of this terrifying stuff.

What you probably don't know is that when a virus infects you, sometimes there is a neutral affect. Sometimes we simply get a mutation. All that happens in this scenario is the infected cells are not attacked by your immune system because they are beneficial or harmless.

Mutations can be positive or negative , but they tend to change the human race altogether, your offspring will have these part virus genes, and if they get a virus, they will be further altered.

Perhaps the largest mystery of the creation of man could be solved by  finding where viruses are manufactured, or perhaps they simply even fall from outer space.

Now, eyesight as an example could be an alien trait, and perhaps a virus long long ago mixed with indigenous life, creating eyesight. Likewise, hearing, which is very strange if you think about it , the ability to hear forces collide with each other , it's a sense that perhaps life elsewhere will never possess.

So could this be the key to evolution? Could all life [scientifically] just be a coincidental life-form infected by alien viruses which created this diversity? Could all mutation be due to this rapid change in DNA structure?

We will do further research into the matter and try to find out more for you :)

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