Eating Snake Meat

Eating Snake Eating Snake

Eating snake meat has once been considered utter taboo worldwide. Although some countries have partaken in the eating of snakes for thousands of years...

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Is the chicken egg vegetarian?

This thing is one of the main ingredient in veggie burgers and tofu It has puzzled vegetarians for ages. Are chicken eggs safe to eat? Is it OK to eat them even though they came from an animal that has been caged and tortured with the intent to produce the valuable egg just to feed humans? Does that make us parasites? Is it logical to assume that without human intervention there would be more chickens in the world? Is eating chicken eggs destroying the chicken population? Well, the answer is quite simply mixed. It is very true that a hen will lay 2-6 unfertilized eggs a month. Unlike humans that have their ovulation period once a month, chickens have it many more times. The difference between a chicken and a human is that a human egg is microscopic. So technically the average chicken egg is a byproduct of a chicken's natural...

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