Boston Bombers Identified

The perpetrator of the Boston marathon bombing has been identified! After only two days, two men identified as Chechen youthes attending Boston University have been positively identified as the killers.

Chechnan Boys Bomb Boston Chechnan Boys Bomb Boston

Early this morning , one of them killed himself with a suicide bomb strike when the two men got into a gunfight with two police. Both police officers were killed , but one of the Chechen terrorists managed to escape,  apparently seeking refuge in the city of Watertown, a few miles south of Boston.

And what are their intentions? Well, for now you need to just understand, and hopefully educate those around you , that these men are not Russian. These men are a racial minority that exists on the Russian border with Georgia, the people that inhabit it are Muslim. They have for over 200 years waged war with their Russian occupants, and every time , they have been crushed by the superior power.

After the final Russian -Chechen war that took place less than 20 years ago,  the Chechens killed over 60,000 infants in an attempt to stop russification of their lands. Thats right, these people think mass murder and genocide will make them independent. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, we guess that they thought they could take the Georgian example and make their own country.

They thought wrong, and their rebel (terrorist) leaders were defeated and pushed aside with little effort on the Russian side.  This ceded Chechnya to the Russian federation for good. The Russians , as they have done in the past, told them to endure or leave to neighboring Muslim lands.

chechnya chechnya

Instead of doing that, the Chechans have turned to guerrilla tactics, and with the help of their mujahideen(al queda) allies, they have turned to terrorism. They have bombed schools, airports and train stations all over Russia. The Russians have responded by putting this ethnic minority group on high alert, but it's fair to say that the Chechnans can't get Independence no matter the circumstances. The Russians are very brutal-minded people, that will never cave to leaches that resort to killing innocent people in the name of their religion and political beliefs. The Russians prefer to jail them and punish them, which is very proper, since the United States itself has taken a similar measure against al-queda.

mujahideen Mujahideen

But what would lead some of these people to come over to the USA and try to bring this shit to us? Well, interestingly enough, they probably want to bring the situation to our attention, maybe they think we will intervene. The irony to this is that killing 60,000 helpless children and drinking their blood will totally make us come help your animal skin(teepee) villages become their own country!

The most possible answer to the question is that they want the United States and Russia to break ties with each other over this turmoil, like you know ... the enemy of my enemy is my friend? But again, we would never help anarchist rubble, and clearly it is important that these men are indeed NOT RUSSIAN!

The last possibility is that they wanted fame, like all the other shootings that happened this year, we can't just say that they weren't crazy, because they clearly were. [Like James Holmes and Adam Lanza]

The final motive is that they worked for al-queda , thats right! All Muslim groups believe that the USA is an enemy to their religion , so why not use people that can blend in better like Muslims from the caucuses, or even Asiatic Muslims.... nobody will notice them... because they don't look like Arabs... well not exactly.

We also have to remember that in Europe , we have Bosnian al-queda, and Albanian Al-queda , the Muslim world is not exactly as small as we wish to believe. Egyptians are Muslims, and so is much of north and central Africa.

Al queda themselves have actually put huge emphasis on these minority Muslim groups as the best alternative to sending suicide bombers to North America. For the same reason we create stealth bombers with no weapons, to get a fatal shot in before the enemy has time to react[stealth].

Once again, we really don't want to make any assumptions yet, or start a national panic, but this act may be the first of many :/

The Muslim World The Muslim World (super minorities in pink, darker=more)
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