Cop pulls gun out at slow McDonalds line

Sargent Scott Biumi couldn't help himself, he really needed a big-mac! So, when he ran into the local McDonalds , there was a huge -ass line. And we mean about five or so people(sooo much).

One guy got out of line, after ordering his food, and the cop snapped. He couldn't wait for four more people to get out of line!, so he pulled out his gun, aimed it at all the people in line, and told them to gtfo. All the people just got on the ground or ran for the exits.

Well, he got rid of the line, and he got his Big-Mac, but then he lost his job and his freedom. Now he will be on 5000$ cash bail at a local jail, all because he couldn't wait for his big-mac and his drink with two ice cubes.

Cop Arrested For Pulling Gun At McDonalds Cop Arrested For Pulling Gun At McDonalds (so worth it)
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