Crazy Wiggly GIFS

Whats better than plain old boring GIFS ? Videos perhaps, but who has time for those? Here is a compilation of radical GIFS that will totally make you feel intoxicated! Part on brahs!

cat gets stick cat gets stick

This cat is so happy! He finally can has that weird pink thingy. Just watch this when you're not all 100% ok, it looks way more amazing... if you know what we mean.

dandelion babies dandelion babies

These dandelion babies look very happy, stare into the mystifying mystique of this trippy GIF!

domsday wigglegram doomsday wigglegram

Just when you though the dandelions and cat were enough, this comes up to you and changes the meaning of "trippy reality bro".

sauron Sauron

The eye of Sauron, or the heart of cthulhu ? This trippy gif is actually a few hands waving up towards the sky. Very Very trippy brah.

tripiest image on planet earth tripiest image on planet earth

There are no words that can adequately describe this one...

wiggly eyeball wiggly eyeball

This eyeball makes us want to lie in the fetal position and puke out our organs. We can't really tell if it's made of milk or *****. -____-

trippy luckycat Luckycat

We have many more of these, but this page would take hours to load. So, this will be the last one. Remember this cat? It sort of stands for "good luck!". :)

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