Three best free apps for iphone 2013

Apps can have a variety of functions , effectively removing the need for having hundreds of individual devices. I know for a fact that my iphone go rid of my radio, mp3 player, alarm clock, timer, watch and so much more. So today, I will share with you three of my personal favorite free apps, these are functional and fun. Make sure to click the images to check out the apps yourself!

Coming in at number one: a free voice guided GPS! That's right, why waste 100$ on a GPS when you can get one absolutely free? Thats right, people! A voice operated, precise GPS. Once you get the hang of it, it really is pretty freaking awesome. My only problem with this app is that unless you change preferences to avoid toll bridges and pikes, it will take you there every bloody time! What it does is: calculate traffic on each road, effectively giving you the fastest way to your destination  with a voice operated guide. It really is surprising that it is free. I of-course am talking about Mapquest! Mapquest is also the best alternative to Google Maps after it's purge in ios 6! It's great, and it gives you one less device to worry about, especially if you are driving an old car like I do :P An please, remember to use the "mouse wheel trick" whenever clicking things on your computer.

Mapquest Mapquest

The next app is more of a fun type of thing rather than a functional thing,I got this one from a buddy of mine while playing an online game, I don't remember his name but I'm glad he mentioned it to me. This app allows you to change your voice instantly. It can be a s$%#ton of fun using this to prank call people, although you might need another phone because you have to do it in "real time". It also allows you to "autotune" your voice, and it's just really fun to screw around with. Our personal favorite part is the "reverse voice" function, you can say whatever you want , and all sounds like danish :) This app is called "voice changer plus". Don't even bother with the "lite" version, both of them are free. Try it out today, it's super f%#^ing fun! :)

voice changer plus voice changer plus

Our final app is dedicated to any musician that s absolutely f$&*ing tired of tuning using their own ears. This app is actually pretty cool because you can also see what tone your voice is in :) Anyways, this app can help you find notes to a song by singing them aloud, then using a piano, you wont have to play by ear anymore, its like hax for piano winging.  It is called Tuner + Metronome. Unfortunately, this might be impossible to find by "looking it up" on the app store, because there are so many other tuner metronome apps, so just click the image below, and check it out. It will get rid of the need for a tuner for your guitar, violin , or any musical instrument, really. We have tried many paid apps, and they really don't compare. This one is a keeper :) And you can use it on the go!

Tuner + Metronome Tuner + Metronome
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