Down syndrome man killed by police

A 27 year old male suffering from Down Syndrome, which is a physical and mental genetic defect, was murdered (judge ruled homicide) by three off duty cops following an incident where he refused to leave a movie theater.

Here is the poor victim Here is the poor victim

The three off duty police officers tackled, beat , and probably beat to death this mentally ill man. They claimed "he was kicking and screaming at us". All three of these men will now face termination, and possible criminal charges.

Robert Ethan Saylor , the dead guy, was known for his caring heart, and contributions to the local church -his seat today was laid with roses-.

And although down syndrome is not associated with violent behavior -since their brains are retarded  to a mindset of a 7 year old child- , even when a guy does turn violent, it is no reason to murder him in cold blood.

NOTE: The officers were off duty , and out of uniform. On this occasion, we give no support to the police whatsoever. For the love of god you stupid pricks, you have tazers and pepperspray, don't you? IS it necessary to kill someone with a mind of a child? Really?

In the end, god might be the only judge.
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