E100 super heavy tank

Much like the Maus super-heavy tank, the Germans created another massive, mobile bunker. This one was deemed the Entwicklung -100 Or simply the panzerkampfwagen e-100.The tank would be given the Maus turret, but later designs would use the Henschel e-100 turret (adler), which was lighter.

As oppose to the Maus, the e-100 was designed to be lighter, sacrificing higher profile, more room and side/rear armor for speed. The tank was intended to replace the E-75(prototype), Tiger II, and JagdTiger. It would have more armor, speed and firepower than any of the said tanks. The tank was drawn up in three separate configurations, the first would have a 173mm anti-everything naval cannon that would literally blow anything to shreds on impact. The second configuration would boast a super-heavy 155mm naval cannon, again simple overkill for that era. The final (first) configuration would use the Maus' 128mm naval gun. A fourth sketch was created to include dual 88mm cannons, which would be rifled as oppose to the models used on the Henschel tiger. This model was created as a primary anti-aircraft tank, but the guns could be angled for direct fire, making it very deadly.

No working models of the tank where ever created, it never saw action. Two prototypes where discovered, the first was found by the British, portions shared with the French (later used in the amx-50 design) , and later completely scrapped. The other was captured by the Soviets(probably used in the development of the t-72 heavy tank).

E-100 tank

E-100 tank with Maus/Mammoth turret and 128mm cannon

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