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Filthy terrorist chops apart British soldier in broad daylight

Early today two Islamic radical militants, residing in the U.K. , attacked and killed a British soldier with a meat cleaver. While screaming filthy blasphemy in their native tongues, they "chopped the man like a butcher does a piece of meat". The head was rumored to be removed as were a majority of all limbs.

The men were confronted by armed enforcement, but they precoded to chop like the mad dogs they were, so like mad dogs, they were shot but not reported to be killed. This was an "ideology led craze" say British authorities , prompted by Islamic extremism, just like the Boston Bombers.

The voracity of the attack and the extent of obvious hatred awakens us all to a grim reality : this "religion of peace" appears to be the root cause of recent attacks. Even with people that preached violence being killed  (bin laden and al zwahiri) , random radicals persist in committing acts of terror through virtue of only their religion.

This is truly unfortunate fact is that these people are terribly mistaken in their creed, they see all westerners as imperialists going about destroying their homelands. This , as Gandhi and his holiness the Dalai Lama showed us , does not justify the use of violence.

The use of a meat cleaver can only go to show that this was done with emotion. We must now ask what the compatibility of this mistaken creed is with the modern world, and if we should live every day in fear, or begin changing these people to be more compatible with our societies(education), maybe even just mass-deporting them away to their homelands if they resist.

muslims kill british soldier with meat cleaver Muslims kill British soldier with meat cleaver
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