Finding evil in the human brain

If we told you that a cat-scan or x-ray of a human brain could tell us whether or not you were evil, you would probably flip a sh!# and also the coffee table in front of you over our heads , it's ok , it is in your nature to prevent discrimination.

But today we are serious when we say "evil can be scientifically detected" through what German scientists refer to as "dark spots". Often found not in thieves, or people that kill in crimes of passion (over love) , but in people that kill for pleasure.

Dr Gerhard Roth with brain Dr Gerhard Roth with brain

Dr. Gerhard Roth, a venerated professor of neurology , and professor of well over 20 years [in service] , has stated that "dark spots" are visible in the brains of all killers, and men that take joy in the torture of innocents (usually humans, but also animals).

He sort of went on a loop and said "miniature ones appear as hemotomatic [blood clot like] structures on anyone with a criminal record" which, yes, sounds a bit absurd.

He stated that these "dark spots" were usually tumors, brought about spontaneously, or as birth defects. He went slightly further by stating "the removal of said hematomes results in resurrection of normal brain and nervous function".

Could this be the core of all evil? Could men like John Wayne Gacey Jr and Moses Sithole  have been stopped with a slight amount of brain surgery? Could evil that is not inherent be the result of head trauma? DR Roth makes us ask many questions, luckily he has a few answers.

He stated "there is a definite area on the brain where (sic) said clots form, and it is the same location in all humans". He has stated that these clots block out an essential function of th brain that controls the feeling of remorse, and also self control, along with neurotic pleasure. It sounds like a VERY dangerous concoction, to have pleasure, remorse and self control rewired, doesn't it?

It has always personally driven me to interest on how people with this type of evil are created, I am actually an admirer of doctor Michael Stone, and have always been a bit of a fanatic of criminology. ---moving back to the main topic---

So, to concur the findings of Doctor Roth, Kent Kiehl, a professor of neurology in New Mexico, USA decided to test this "theory".

What Kiehl did was take about 2,000 violent prisoners from the local penitentiary , and I mean the type that would kill you just for eyeballing them, and had them observed under a series of brain scans.

Astonishingly, but not surprisingly, almost 100% of the studied persons had that black spot Dr Roth had mentioned. Coincidence? No, because this theory can only remain a "hypothesis" in testing stages, now that there is irrefutable evidences laid before us, it has taken the shape of more of a "fact" rather than a theory.

Another 300 prisoners from Wisconsin were studied through the use of an MRI , with similar results. As a counter experiment, a group of elite scientists took up a few "regulars" as counter-measures to these findings. All of these "generic commoners -sorry if this is the improper word, reader-" lacked the evil "black spots" that are present in the brains of serial killers, and torturous psychopaths. This can only further buff Roth's findings.

In Kiehl's own words , spoken to a committee of college students at duke university (criminology/psychology sector). (---Or the way I remember it---- sorry if this is not close to what he said :/)

"The role of the MAOA gene is irrefutably a cause of violent, psychopathic behavior. Our findings have proven , over and over again that an individual with this gene (the evil black spot) coming under a stressful situation is very likely to become violent.The gene is responsible for causing lack of density in brain tissue, causing the afflicted person's brain to be temporarily rewired, until the removal of [the structure/gene]. This usually leads to psychopathic, unnatural tendencies, otherwise not seen in regular humans without the MAOA  affliction to the brain."

MAOA black evil spot MAOA black evil spot

Roth and Kiehl have stated that "if a youth with this deformed MAOA black evil spot in the lower forehead is found, they are likely to become a killer before age 50". Predicting this has, unfortunately, been rather futile. Not everyone with the gene will go out and kill, but generally about 66% will become uncontrollably violent by age 50, taking pleasure in hurting others, or simply being unable to control their hands, getting pleasure from doing harm to others.

I am no psychoanalyst, but this seems a revolutionary step forward in the field of criminology, just imagine what we could do with further analysis into these evil MAOA spots, perhaps it will allow us to solve problems before they occur, effectively eliminating "dangerous people" from society? Imagine, testing a baby for the gene could save a few lives, at best :)

Roth and Kiehl are convinced that much like studies in Autism , psychopathy could possibly be diagnosed at a young age. Although this could send shivers down your spine, as little children would be subjected to "lab tests" , unlike autism, it is curable through a small surgery?

It is not a comforting thing to try to understand, but I thought this bit of research was fun to share with you, fellow reader :) Hopefully now you see that "awkward" part of science you probably didn't want to hear about. Cheers



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