Hércules Florence

Have you ever heard of a badass painter named Hercules? Well if you have not, like most of us, today you will know, Hercules Florence, the most manly painter ever!

Hercules began life as a child, although some may want to believe he never was a child due to his awesomeness. He was created in France, fathered by a Frenchman and a Brazilian mother. This already makes him sound exotic and sexy no?

He , much like any Greek hero, loved the sea, in fact he had many revelations in his dreams in which god told him to use positive/negative light intake glasses to create a still image. He would begin his life aboard the French navy vessels of old, studying, painting and inventing.

Hercules was fully pushed into his passions when the Russians began sending scientists to Brazil, with them they brought many Germans, and those Germans brought with them art, sculpture and finesse.

Hercules later noted that his meetings with high-end Russian and German painters were his inspirations for his famous masterpieces we admire today.Hercules was the only artist to come out of the Amazon venture alive, all the others were eaten by Satan's hellspawn, apparently.

Hercules came back from the jungles a true man, not only did he paint marvelous pictures in watercolor, but he would now become quite the accomplished inventor.

Well, first Hercules got married and had kids, the wife wanted him to get a real job , so Hercules invented a device that could record animal noises. This failed to impress the people back in the day, and he was mocked.

He then created a process of counterfeiting money, legitimately. This was not popular with the people either because they liked their money uninflated.

Finally , he created the first camera. He called the action of engraving live imagery to still picture "photographia", and although you may never think of him, he is the inventor of photography, although he died believing it was a failure.

Hércules Florence Hércules Florence

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