How do you know if he is cheating on you?

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This is a step by step tutorial on how to know if your husband, boyfriend or friend with benefits is cheating on you. This is a very complicated thing to understand, but all people subconsciously make mistakes which are facades due to conscience or over-thinking.

It's king of like when you really don't want to lie, and you tell yourself you are going to leave something out. Or maybe, you have just done something you are proud of, and you can just try not to tell anyone, it's practically impossible right?

Well. now I'm going to show you 3 ways you can tell if your husband is absolutely being unfaithful to you and your children #sad. 

The first way you definitely know that your husband is cheating on you is the fact that he uses the word "yours" rather than "our" , especially when referring to pets, automobiles, children , or relatives. You can play it cool all you want, when he no longer treats you as a unit, he no longer wants "in" on the whole marriage thing.

well then , this is my planet well then , this is my planet

Your husband is out later than usual, like maybe until 3am "watching football" with his buddies. Tiss tiss, some people think they can get away with anything. The later he is up, and out of the house (away from you) , the more likely he is cheating on you with someone younger.

Im just watching football with the guys honey Im just watching football with the guys honey

And last but not least, the answer to your question "is my husband cheating on me is.....


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