China And USA will deal with North Korea peacefully

China, the country that prompted the creation of North Korea ,after it's own post ww2 communist revolution , has stepped up today and dedicated itself to disarming North Korea of it's nuclear weapons peacefully.

The United States' own senator Kerry met with consul Yang Jiechi , who acts as the secretary of state of china (international relations).  The two men discussed the most current issue in the easter Asian region : the two Koreas.

Appropriately , China has promised to help keep it's ally , North Korea from utter destruction by taking and deporting all North Korean nuclear weapons. This would reach a diplomatic solution and end this "gathering tempest" in one swift and righteous move.

If we think about it like a game of chess, north Korea would now have a king in between two kings, no matter where they move, they will be in check.

Since china is still North Koreas ultimate supplier of food and raw material, North Korea really can't afford to refuse this polite offer. And so now the second Korean war will end, and things may return to normal.

usa and china meet usa and china meet
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