How to get free zp in crossfire

How to get free zp in crossfire

Crossfire is a cross-platform pc game created in the early 2000's by a group of people that decided it would be their "college project". Well, as of today, it has some 20 million registered users. You can check it out right here:
Anyways, the issue with this game (according to the community) is that more often than not, people are asked to present zp or z8 points to buy in-game merchandise. In fact, you players end up wasting real money on a lottery when spinning crates to receive permanent zp merchandise (which is rarely won). So, as a follow up to the unfairity of this, we discovered a way for you to not only get free zp, but also in-game ribbons without using money out of your own pocket.
Ok, so first, click here. After you have clicked on the "click here" link, and have went to the website, type in your information. I would personally implore you to use a spam email (create a new one if you wish). Now follow this:
1) Go to the link and sign up (done).
2) Complete a few offers until you make 1000 points (this is quick and easy).
3) Go to redeem on amazon or just under the subsection “game cards” (again, this is easy to navigate to).
4) Buy am ultimate game card worth 10$ us (you can do this in less than one hour).
5) Go to z8 and create a new pawn account (if you don't need the gift ribbon, you can skip this).
6) When the pawn is made go to deposit, choose prepaid card, and choose “ultimate game card” as your payment option. (because you just bought one).
7) Send it to your good account (this will get you zp soldier and another ribbon for gifting).
8) Have fun with 10,000zp and 2 new ribbons! If you keep doing this, you can actually make soo much zp that coupon and zp guns will no longer be just a dream!!! I would also suggest spending the zp on crates. You might get lucky.
Update 2013
This does still work in 2013, and it will continue as long as both products are working. This does not require any credit card, the pawn account is to get the "zp for everyone badge. Everything will be fast once you get the hang of it, good luck ! :)
Second Half 2013
This still works really well, it's just MUCH faster if you live in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom. Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are also starting to get more offers :)
Year 2014
This method has gotten even easier and faster. There are additional benefits to anyone living in an English-speaking country.

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