How to get rid of all the waste plastic in the world

plastic eating mushroom plastic eating mushroom

Plastic, junk that is cheap to produce, and easier to mold than metals has accumulated in our waste facilities and underground for some time now. The problem with all of this common synthetic material is that it rarely ever decays , although there are some bacteria and elements than do destroy it over a prolonged period of time.

What you probably don't know is that in 1950s , a Yale student on a journey to get his PHD , discovered a fungus that naturally ate polyurethane [plastic] , and did not require air to survive. What you probably don't also know is that this fungus is harmless to humans (or so research shows) , and will survive in any region of the world easily.

Somehow, it extracts energy from plastic, and is capable of synthesizing the synthetic material to survive. This fungus does not require water either, so it may be able to colonize enemy planets, who knows.

Is this a solution to our century-long obsession with synthetic materials like polyurethane? Who knows what this magical mushroom is capable of -perhaps it will end up saving us all from our own stupidity-.
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